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VAZO at IECIE 2019

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The story of VAZO global expansion is the story of its people. From its parent brand zippo, to all VAZO employees, consumers, collectors, they all help VAZO continue to grow. Their loyalty and dedication have made VAZO a very successful brand.

VAZO, an e-cigarette brand of Zippo, was launched in April 2019 at IECIE, where it has become an instant hit with customers from around the world because of the diverse look and supple texture of its products.

VAZO at IECIE 2019

At the beginning, VAZO mainly focused on market development in the asia-pacific region, after four years of development, VAZO has more than 300 partners in the asia-pacific, the development of 1,500 offline stores, with more than 10,000 off-line retail outlets for consumers all over the world.

VAZO’s outstanding performance is not only reflected in the market expansion, but also in the product building has been recognized by most consumers. During the past 4 years, VAZO has developed more than 200 kinds of products of various CMF, and a number of international famous IP cooperation, including cooperation with the classic animation EVA, which has triggered the memories of many fans from 1980s. Whether you are interested in art, fashion, animation, motorcycles, classical, you can find your favorite products in VAZO’s product line.

Now, VAZO will officially start the market expansion in UK and Europe, and gradually start the global strategy, we believe that over time there will be more and more people to use and love VAZO products.

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